We’re a party-music, good-time, everybody SMILING, Most-fun-you-can-have-in-public kind of Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Disco, Country dance band.



We are Suburbans


Suburbans is Kansas City’s best good-time dance party band. Music is a sure-fire source of fun. You cannot find a clearer example of that than Suburbans. Refusing to be limited by style or genre, Suburbans cartwheels right past convention and double back-flips into party mode with smile-inducing, head-bobbing, toe-tappin’, hip shaking hits from 1970 until right now.

You can’t get more than everything, and that’s what you get with Suburbans. We’re a non-stop, high-energy blast of musical merriment with something for everyone. We only do songs you know, but not just the same ones you hear all the time. Our set list is an incredibly diverse range of songs and styles from five decades of the Top 40 charts. With world class vocals, top flight gear and an abundance of musical talent, there’s nothing we can’t do.

If you’re looking for a dancing good time, we’re your huckleberry.


Vocals / Jesse “Bryan” Louden

Keyboard, Guitar, Vox / Jim Erwin

Bass, Vox / Keith Sauro

Guitar, Vox / Richard Parks

Drums, Vox / Bill Manson

Sound / Rob Carver

Lights / Denise Carver

 We’ve played all over KC. We’ve got friends across the KC Metro. From Smithville to Spring Hill, Lee’s Summit to Lawrence, we’ve played a club, a party or an event right up the street from you. That’s what we do - let the good times roll! 


professional entertainment

We play lots of public gigs, and we’d love for you to come see us, but if you need entertainment for a private party or event, think of Suburbans for that too. We have nice manners, so we get along with everyone, and we’re utterly professional, so you can trust us with your guests and their enjoyment. Not to mention the fact that we’re Kansas City’s best good time dance party!

Galas, cotillions, receptions, corporate gatherings, festivals, parties, charity events, fund-raisers celebrations and weddings; Suburbans is the live entertainment solution that will make your event a success. Ten years from now no one will remember the food you served or what the bride’s dress looked like, but you can bet they’ll remember how much fun they had.

Reach out to us and let us know about your event. We’ll give you all the info you need!





We’re heading west, Lawrence or Bust! It’s the Grand Re-Opening of a local fav; the pizza joint with substance. Suburbans will be at Grinders in Lawrence, Friday night, September 20. Finish your homework, complete your pre-party rituals and head downtown for dancing and singing good time.


Suburbans is a high-energy dance party band that ALWAYS gets EVERYONE bustin’ a move. We play hour and a half sets with non-stop hits that’ll have the whole room buggin’ out. If you’re looking for a good time, you’ve come to the right place. If you want a little cardio with your cocktail, let’s go!

 Here’s what you can expect…